Capillary Electrophoresis Instruments

Optimize your workflow efficiency with these capillary electrophoresis systems - from the highly sensitive multiplex gene expression capabilities of the GeXP Genetic Analysis System and the high-resolution applications of the PA 800 plus Pharmaceutical Analysis System, to the exceedingly sensitive CESI 8000 High Performance Separation-ESI Module.

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CESI 8000 Plus High Performance Separation-ESI Module

Low flow pre-MS separation technology integrated with novel ESI coupling technol...(see detail)


The P/ACE Series is an automated, programmable capillary electrophoresis system ...(see detail)

PA 800 Plus Pharmaceutical Analysis System

This platform provides analysts with robust and easy-to-use characterization, in...(see detail)

GenomeLab GeXP™ Genetic Analysis System

All your genetic analyses on a single instrument. The GenomeLab GeXP supports a ...(see detail)