LactoScope FTIR Advanced

In 2006 Delta Instruments introduced the LactoScope FTIR Advanced. After the huge success of the LactoScope FTIR manual, Delta thought it was time to take FTIR Technology to the next level. The LactoScope FTIR Advanced has the ability to measure various dairy products next to milk, cream and whey. Good examples are yoghurt, ice cream and cheese. The analyzer is provided with a state of the art database structured software package (FTIR Scope Advanced). This software guides you intuitively through analyses and Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) procedures. User friendliness is ensured by using Windows and through the user interface. To reduce cost of calibration samples, the new FTIR Scope Advanced software introduces an unique concept of calibration synchronization.


The LactoScope FTIR Advanced is able to measure many different components which are visible in the milk spectrum, next to the basic components (fat, protein, lactose, solids), for example:

  • Casein
  • Density
  • True Protein
  • NPN/Calculated Urea
  • pH

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