CombiScope FTIR600/300 Hp

The Delta Instruments CombiScope FTIR 600 series, High Performance offer the highest available speed in routine analysis of cow, goat, sheep and buffalo milk. The system consists of two high speed routine analyzers.

The LactoScope FTIR 600 for measuring the chemical composition and the SomaScope LFC 600 for counting Somatic cells in raw milk at a speed of 600 samples per hour.

The new Delta Instruments CombiScope offers new business opportunities for your laboratory. The latest technology of Infrared Fourier transform and LED-Flow cytometry is used, which created a new level of accuracy, speed and user friendliness with low cost of ownership.


The CombiScope is able to measure many different components which are visible in the raw milk spectrum, next to the basic components (fat, protein, lactose, solids), for example:
True Protein
NPN/Calculated Urea
Freezing Point Depression (after Koops et al.)

with an analysis speed up to 300 and 600 samples per hour.

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