SomaScope Smart

The SomaScope Smart is the only manual somatic cell counter that combines ease of use with low cost of ownership, using the latest flow cytometer (FC) with the latest LED technology.
FC is an analytical technique, recognized by the IDF for accurate determination of somatic cells. It has been designed for small and medium sized labs such as: dairy labs, payment labs, veterinary labs, and dairy herd improvement labs.


Technical specifications
Performance Data
For fresh or preserved cow, sheep, goat, buffalo and camel milk
Measuring speed : Up to 120 samples per hour
Measuring range : From 0 to 1*107 cells/ml
Accuracy (Cv) : < 10% relative to Direct Microscopic Somatic Cells Count
Repeatability (Cv) : < 5% at 1*105 cells/ml
3% at 3*105 cells/ml
< 2% between 0,5 - 2*106 cells/ml
Linearity : Up to 1*107 cells/ml

Other Specifications:
Sample volume : 3 ml (replicates 1.5 ml)
Sample temperature : 40° C +- 2° C
Carry-over: < 1%
System dimensions (HWD): 37*74*47 cm
Weight : 28 kg
Power supply : 110V/60Hz, 230V/50Hz, 150 VA excl. PC

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