MPW 54

The MPW 54 model is a compact laboratory centrifuge dedicated for general use. It find application in medical, biochemical, veterinary, industrial and other laboratories. The construction of the centrifuge is based on the broad experience of the MPW Med. instruments company and many years of cooperation with laboratories and medical institutions.

You can connect the centrifuge to the 12V car cigarette lighter socket with 600W inverter. This gives gives you possibility of work in the field and quickly obtain test results.


230V 50/60Hz;
115V 50/60Hz
3500, 5800 rpm or 1000*, 3500* rpm
1137, 3120 x g or 90*, 1136* x g
1 ÷ 30min, ∞
180 x 220 x 270mm [HxWxD]

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