Varispin 15R

For a variety of purposes of use or different users may have different rotor options.
User-friendly 4.3 "Full color touch has been applied to the LCD controller.
From 0.2ml to 750ml of various sizes it can be used tubes.
Optimize the flow pattern formed on the peripheral chamber and efficient introduction of the refrigeration system and is excellent set temperature control.
Before use, by pre-cooling is possible, to facilitate the handling of the sample is sensitive to temperature.


Max. RPM
15,000RPM(Angle Rotor) 4,000RPM(Swing Rotor)
  Max. RCF
26,010 xg 3,667 xg
  Max. Capacity
250ml x 6 750ml x 4
  Accel / Decel phase
0 ~ 9 (10set)
  Set Temp.
10? ~ +40? ( 1? increments )
  Ref. System
  Noise Level
  Set Time
99 hour 59 min 59sec or continuous
  Time Count
From start / From set-up RPM
100 memory
  Rotor ID
Automatic Recognition
4.3” LCD Touch Screen
  RPM Range
400 to 15,000 rpm
  Power Supply
220V / 50~60Hz
  Power Consumption
  Dimension(W x D x H)
765 x 687 x 375 mm
  Weight (without rotor)

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