Gas Sampling Bags and Bottle

Gas Sampling Bags and Bottle

Gas sampling bags are recognized as cost-effective alternatives to Summa canisters for sampling volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and light and permanent gases. We have expanded our Tedlar gas sampling bag line offering additional sizes and now available with the Screw Cap Valve. We also added more sizes to our Supel-Inert Multi-Layer foil bag product line. In addition to multiple film types, we also offer two different kinds of valves with our exclusive low-bleed Thermogreen™ LB-2 septa installed.

Tedlar Gas Sampling Bags

Tedlar is recognized as the standard for sampling whole air, second only to the ...(see detail)

Supel Inert Multi Layer Foil Gas Sampling Bags with Thermogreen LB-2 Septa

Supel-Inert foil gas sampling bags with Thermogreen septa are ideal for sampl...(see detail)

Vacuum Bag Sampling Pump

Our bag samplers are designed so that the sampled gas flows directly to the bags...(see detail)