Glass Microfiber

GE Healthcare offers glass microfiber filters manufactured from 100% borosilicate glass, with or without binder. Filters without binder are chemically inert.
Glass Microfiber Binder Free filters feature low resistance to fluid flow and high particle loading capacity. GMF 150 filter is a multigrade paper that is particularly valuable as a prefilter for hard-to-filter solutions. The fine capillary structure of glass fiber filters can absorb large quantities of water, enabling spot tests and liquid scintillation counting methods.

Acid-Treated Low Metal TCLP Filters

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Air Sampling Filters

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Glass Microfiber Filters with Binders

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Multigrade GMF 150

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Glass Microfiber Filters without Binders

Whatman glass microfiber filters without binder feature low resistance to fluid ...(see detail)