Syringeless Filters - Autovial

Autovial Syringeless Filters are preassembled filtration devices for removing particulates from samples. They replace syringe-coupled filtration devices with single, disposable units.
Autovial devices are comprised of two parts: a graduated filter barrel and a plunger. The proven design features an integral filter, built-in air purge, and a support stand that protects the recessed slip-luer tip. They are available in a 5 ml and 12 ml volume capacity.
Autovial 5 syringeless filter
  • Single unit convenience saves time. No assembly required – easier to load. 
  • Built-in air purge maximizes sample recovery. 
  • Prefilter designed for difficult-to-filter samples (no prefilter in Autovial 5 and in selected Autovial 12). 
  • Choice of filter media. Compatible with a wide range of sample types. 
  • Choice of glass fiber or polypropylene prefilters. 
  • Ideal for hazardous samples. Self contained device eliminates risk of filter pop-off. 
  • Sterile option available to maintain sample integrity. 

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