Protection, Cleaning, Storage and Weighing

We offer products for surface protection, cleaning, weighing, and storage that are used in thousands of laboratories around the world.

Our lens cleaning tissues are used for removing moisture and grease from optical surfaces and Benchkote absorbent paper protects your laboratory surfaces. In addition, we offer papers for sample weighing and transfer.

These essential laboratory accessories enable you to maintain a clean and efficient working environment in your laboratory.

Benchkote Laboratory Surface Protectors

We offer high-quality, smooth, absorbent Benchkote/Benchkote Plus paper to quick...(see detail)

Grade 105 Leans Cleaning Tissue

Lenses and other optical surfaces made from glass, quartz, or plastic can be eas...(see detail)

Weighing Papers

GE Healthcare offers a variety of weighing papers with minimal influence on anal...(see detail)